Effective Recruitment Gets the Right People on Board

Build a year round nominating committee that recruits people with the skills you need to meet your mission. Build a skills matrix and provide a packet of pertinent information.

Job Descriptions Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Yes, board members should have job descriptions too. Give them something to help them know what you expect of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

Annual Commitment Letters Ensure Active Volunteers

A great tool for keeping active volunteers and dealing with absentee board members.

Focus on Governance and Fiduciary Responsibilities

More and more important as donors, funders and the federal government scrutinize the governance policies of your board's management, including conflict of interest.

Manage the Board to Get the Most of Your Volunteers

Orientation, strategic planning, effective committees, efficient meetings, accountability, roles of volunteers and staff are all critical to achieve the successful board of directors.

Board and Staff Roles

The Invisible Yellow Line ™
Board and Staff roles in governance, finance, human resources, planning, fundraising and more.

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