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January 2024

A New Parnership

Jean Block Consulting, Inc. and KWP Consulting & Mediation LLC are thrilled to announce that we are amplifying our ongoing collaboration

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Thank you for the awesome training sessions...As someone (who) would normally walk over hot coals before asking for $, I was amazed by your session. I actually feel fired up at fundraising. I went right home and called two friends with ideas for their non-profits. I hope to give a presentation to my Board encouraging them to have you train us.

- Heather Harden, Finance Council Director, Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

I want to tell you that Jean Block's newsletter is the best piece I've ever seen on non-profit management. She's truly defined the germane issues in a most succinct way.

- Barbara Cristl, Quanta Education Associates

Your presentation style was EXCELLENT. By far the best workshop I've been to in a long time (content and style both!).

- Vicki Kopplin, Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

As a senior-level development officer, I have a hard time finding useful workshops. Jean's programs should be required for even us old CFREs.

- Trisha Dunbar, Visiting Nurse Association, Dallas Texas

You are wonderful! I wish I could clone you and put you in every corner of this community. You are a hero for me. Your energy, your passion, your expertise inspire me. Thank you.

- Diane Ogawa, PNM Foundation

Your reputation does not do your training or you justice! Your energy, passion and inspiration will carry us through. We are better because you came. We are stronger because you shared. We are ready because you inspired. You are a master.

- Genny, Sue and Junior League of St. Paul Leadership Council

You are a dynamic speaker. I have been in fundraising for 2 years and suddenly you made me realize it really can be fun! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I bought and have enjoyed reading your 'Fast Fundraising Facts' book.

- Sheila Spriggs, Texarkan, Texas

I just have to tell you that you made such an incredible impact when you spoke to our Board. I can't begin to tell you how many times your words of wisdom have been brought up at our Executive, Board and Committee meetings. In fact, just today, in two different conversations I was having, your ideas were quoted by others. Thank you for inspiring us to think in a new direction.

- Kim Erdel, Junior League of Springfield, Missouri

I have never seen anyone with the energy and passion that Jean Block brings to training for not-for-profit organizations.

- Jim Copeland, Executive Director, Alta Mira Specialized Family Services